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Barton Market LLC

Marijuana Weed Dripping Holographic Sticker Decal

Marijuana Weed Dripping Holographic Sticker Decal

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Barton Market LLC vinyl holographic stickers
- Water Resistant
- Durable for Indoor/Outdoor
- Apply to flat clean dry smooth surfaces
- Good for walls, bottles, mugs, windows, cars and more

DIMENSIONS: 4.8" Length x 4.7" Height

Transfer tape is on the front. It is used to help keep the shape of the sticker while apply to a surface.
- Clean the surface you want to apply your sticker to
- Peel the paper from the sticker
- Grab a rewards or money card from your wallet
- Place the sticker slowly on your surface, applying the middle first, then pushing the sticker from the middle to the right, then the middle to the left
- Remove the transfer tape
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