Things to do while waiting for your Glowforge to arrive

Things to do while waiting for your Glowforge to arrive

Things to do while waiting for Glowforge to arrive

You did it! You finally pressed the button! Buy Now! You're probably scared, anxious and impatient. At least that's how I felt. The first thing I did was search on Pinterest for things to make. Trying to think of my first cut! But there were other things I should have known first. So I'm here to provide you with the things I didn't know about while waiting for it to be delivered. 


There's a spot to name your Glowforge. Just like a newborn baby. We wonder how our significant other will feel when we make the announcement or try to get them on board. We wait ANXIOUSLY for delivery. We prep the room. We buy the accessories while we wait. We linger in the area where it will arrive. And when it does, there's a spot to name it. I named mine Glowku, after inspiration by Dragon Ball Z. My husband and I are big fans. Tips to help name it is that it's a laser and involves the word "Glow." 



Safety FIRST! It's a laser. A real laser. Not a toy, even though it's my favorite thing in the house besides my BED. 


I had no idea, there was a tutorial on literally unpacking the box. How to take each piece out. How to pick up the laser, so you don't touch the lens. 


You don't need to buy your first file. Glowforge has a free catalog of projects for you to try here: (You'll be prompted to sign in, first) In the catalog tab, you can purchase more files, however they're for personal use only. 
There's also a community forum on the site where users upload their own FREE files. (Yay!) You can find this in the community page, but I've linked it for you below. 



Glowforge team is kind enough to walk you through every possibility with your machine.
​Cut, Engrave & Score. They include a step by step tutorial along with projects like a 3D Gift Box. 



I found this article being extremely helpful. I needed to clean the lens when I first started out, because I was unboxing my package without the tutorial and definitely had my fingers on the lens. UGH! Luckily, it includes 3 free lens wipes to start. 


Glowforge User Group (GUG) is the only one I've become attached to. The answers are quick and there's a growing community of 18K+ 



Search terms: Glowforge, Laser, Papercutting
Here's my Pinterest Board: ​  


Wood Glue - This is optional and depends if you are gluing pieces together. If you're making name puzzles, you'll want this. 
Lens Wipes - From time to time, your machine will get dusty. Make sure you have the proper lens wipes to clean with. 
Plastic Razor Blades - Helps the weeding process and saves your fingers from hurting. 
Fire Extinguisher - A safety precaution, just in case your machine should catch fire. 
Carbon Monoxide Detector - Your laser does give off fumes, but too many can be harmful. This will alert you if levels are too high. 
Wyze Cam - I do not use a camera. However, some may find it useful to watch your laser on camera, while sitting a few feet away, multi-tasking on your laptop. 
Loctite Adhesive Spray - This is a personal favorite of mine. I use it to apply 3D laser cut objects onto my signs. 

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